Some Popular Type of Hijabs Around The World

09 Feb 21
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Mitra mandiri design is your online hijab shop and store for hijabs (to match Islamic clothing), Amira hijab, hijab for girls (children) and young women, fashion hijab, turbans, hijab pins, scarves, and hijab accessories. Our hijab shop is great for the Muslim lady or Muslim girl that is learning how to wear hijab.

We have everything from Mona or Kuwaiti style, designer scarves, and hijab pins to the perfect silk hijab, pashmina, or turban. Our variety of scarves includes oblong hijab and square hejab too!

Our store is perfect for chemotherapy patients that wear head scarves and turbans, women that wear the Islamic hijab/ Muslim scarf to match their Islamic clothing, and any one that wants to add a wonderful accessory or designer scarf to their outfit. Our hijab make perfect gifts to buy for Eid and Ramadan!

Al-Amira Hijab

Our top selling Al-Amira hijab is all the rage in Muslim woman dress, fashion hijab, and Islamic clothing. Please read product description to see if it is made from a cotton blend or lycra because both are now available. It is one of the most popular styles for Muslim women in the West that observe hijab.

Great for the muslim girl or lady that is learning how to wear hijab. This is a great hijab style! Our Al-Amira hijab are composed of 2 pieces, a large under scarf and a small under scarf. The small under scarf is a tube cap that is slightly larger than a head band.

  • The Al-Amira hijab stands out because of its versatility in that it can be worn casual when doing every day things like running errands and it can be also worn while exercising to preserve modesty.
  • But wait there’s more! It can be broken down into 2 individual pieces and worn underneath our oblong hijab to make sure not a strand of your hair shows and that the scarf stays put!

Kuwaiti Style Hijab

Kuwaiti style hijab, called Mona, is perfect for the trendy lady. This are perfect gifts for ladies just learning to wear hijab. These also are great encouragement for your teenagers because they are high fashion. One size fits most.

This high quality “Mona” style hijab is an off-spin of the “Twister Kuwaiti Style Hijab”. This is a 1-piece hijab made of high quality, lightweight Lycra fabric, with the shawl attached to one side of the under scarf cap making it quicker and easier to put on. It has an elegant satin trim around the edges to give your hijab that “polished-neat” look.

  • Slip the under scarf cap on, pull the shawl under the chin and around the neck, and pin it on the other side or let is drape.
  • This Hijab is great for any Muslimah that want the convenience of an Amira (princess style) hijab and the look of a shayla (oblong style).
  • This style is especially favored among teenagers and young ladies!

Oblong Hijab

The oblong hijab is one of the most versatile scarves available. This scarf can be worn in many ways. As a head scarf or hijab, the oblong scarf adds amazing prestige and class to every lady.

When worn with Islamic clothing as a head scarf or hijab, try our hijab pins to help keep them in place. Some ladies choose to wear the oblong scarf as a shawl or wrap around the shoulders. Our oblong scarves have the length to be used as either a head scarf or a shawl.

Square Hijab

The square hijab is great for everyday use. It makes an absolutely stunning head scarf for chemotherapy patients and Muslim ladies. It looks excellent with Islamic clothing.

We have even seen these used as wall décor by framing them. The uses are limitless!

  • Most of our square hijab and scarves measure 45 inches, so they can be pinned (with hijab pins), tied, and twisted to suit your every need.
  • Don’t forget to check our hijab pins if you like to pin your square scarf or hijab.
  • A fashion hijab pin will add style to your hijab and Islamic clothing.

Turban Hijab

The turban is one of our top selling products! Please sign up to be informed when we get new selections of turbans in because they sell very fast! The turban has gained popularity in the West as many people have come to love and respect Eastern religion and culture. They have great symbolism to many of our customers and we select the best designs and materials to suit all preferences. Also, turbans are great for chemotherapy patients that want to show strength as well as individuality.

Hijab Pins

Hijab Pins not only help keep your Hijab in place, but the also add a little personality and style to your overall appearance. Our Hijab Pins are very affordable, so while your shopping pick out a couple to go with your Hijab. Our Hijab Pins also make wonderful gifts for your loved ones!

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